Download Team Red Miner 0.10.12 - AMD GPU Miner

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Version: 0.10.12
File: *TeamRedMiner.exe,
SHA256: 3375ce5bc6f3a23d7e73ffe01f6bf0c08b2e907193c9fcb49afbe6c28f07e779
(Download for Linux)


You can download TeamRedMiner 0.10.12 from here:

Download Now

Download (mirror)

Inside the archive you will find a file README.txt with installation instructions.

Make sure to replace the pool and wallet address by what you’re using in all files.

mining rig for teamredminer


Ironfish hashrate boost, theoretical increase is +5-6% on all gpus except Polaris with +10-11%. Actual results should be close but can vary.

README highlights:

  • GPU: Improved ironfish hashrate (+5-6% on all gpus, +10-11% for Polaris).
  • GPU: Removed ironfish user graffiti option.
  • GPU: Fixed broken dual zil mining for some older algos, e.g. Nimiq.
  • GPU: Small improvements for ironfish hashrate/efficiency on all gpus.
  • GPU: Fixed low ironfish hashrate for RDNA3 / 7900XT.
  • GPU: Automatic handling of ironfish worker name when specified as wallet.worker.
  • GPU: User can now set their own graffiti prefix (max 20 chars) when mining ironfish (see --iron_user_graffiti) to paint the blockchain!
  • GPU: Added support for ironfish (-a ironfish, only the fast stratum protocol v2 supported).
  • GPU: Dual mining support for ironfish with ERG and ethash (use --iron--iron_end).
  • GPU: Addressed sluggish and lagging display with KAS solo mining (and ironfish).
  • GPU: Added support for the ZIL ZMP protocol. Use zil:// in --zil .. --zil_end or normal pool configs.
  • GPU: Added event script for calling external scripts on e.g. algo switching, see --event_script.
  • GPU: Added support for switching between separate clocks/voltages on windows for zil switching.
  • FPGA: Added kaspa support for JC13s and JCC2F carriers.
  • FPGA: Added kaspa support for vu13ps on E300 boards.
  • GPU: Added support for RDNA3 / 7900XT gpus (ethash, autolykos2, kaspa, verthash incl dual combos supported).
  • FPGA: Added support for JC33s and JC35s on JCC2Ls
  • FPGA: Added support for E300 with vu33p, vu33p_CIV, vu35p, and vu9p parts.
  • FPGA: Added support for Alveo U200 active cooled variant.
Iron-Fish Mining - AMD Cards With Team Red miner
Just like with Kaspa and Radiant, I leave out the SoC vdd settings. Never noticed any difference with the algorithms that can use the mem tweak 1. They are unique that way. Occasionally a card will go idle and I up the vdd setting by 10. Once figured out, it is very stable. Had 20 straight up days mining Kaspa before switching over to Iron Fish yesterday. Made a few vdd tweaks since the switch and now I have been up for 17 hours. Looks like it will be just as stable as Kaspa and Radiant.

How to mine Iron Fish

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