Download Team Red Miner 0.9.3 - AMD GPU Miner

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Version: 0.9.3
File: *TeamRedMiner.exe,
SHA256: afbb847fad4c9fb3fbb26fe2e0392bb00c1f9d1cb7c24766bd8b9b749f8dd50b
(Download for Linux)


You can download TeamRedMiner 0.9.3 from here:

Download Now

Download (mirror)

Inside the archive you will find a file README.txt with installation instructions.

Make sure to replace the pool and wallet address by what you’re using in all files.

mining rig for teamredminer


ETH+TON now supported on all AMD gpus! Polaris added with nice performance: very close to max ethash hashrate and 600-750 MH/s TON added.

README highlights:

  • GPU: Added Polaris support for dual ETH+TON (full eth + 600-750 MH/s ton per gpu). All AMD gpus now supported.
  • GPU: Updated DUAL_ETH_MINING.txt with information for all AMD gpus.
  • GPU: Added support for TON Pool ( See TON_MINING.txt for details.
  • GPU: Fixed bug that could cause stale shares on gpus disabled for dual mining.